About Me!

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on the east bank. Growing up as an only child, Adoria has always had an extra activity going on. From singing to songwriting to dancing to acting, and even film writing. 

In August of 2005, the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans which forced Adoria and her family to relocate to Houston, Tx where she now currently resides. 

Everything hasn’t always been peaches and cream. Becoming pregnant at the age of 15 changed Adoria’s life drastically but she didn’t allow it to break her. During this time she also gained an interest in youtube videos, specifically pregnancy vlogs at that time. She instantly fell in love with Youtubers Emerald from The Rice Family and Tiffany from The Daily Davidsons and became inspired. 

More About Me!

To keep memories of her pregnancy experience, Adoria began recording YouTube pregnancy vlogs that kept up with her pregnancy and postpartum. After the delivery of her daughter, Adoria gained more of an interest in her YouTube career and began to fall in love with makeup. On her now-deleted channel (Adoria’s original youtube channel name) MissAngelique2012, Adoria dipped into makeup tutorial videos but shortly stopped due to discouragement of feeling like she wasn’t good enough.

A few years later in 2016, she made her YouTube comeback as MissAngeliqueTV, which is now her current channel. Since then she’s perfected her popular storytime videos which share some of her craziest experiences in life. Meanwhile raising 4 children alongside her husband Gabriel.

Despite battling depression and anxiety, Adoria has managed to finally step into her comfort zone and work in her favourite industry…BEAUTY! She’s no makeup guru but she knows her makeup and that’s that! 

Angelic Touch Cosmetics is a dedicated woman like her who love makeup rather they are an expert at it or not.